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Conversa com a Activision Sobre o TDM

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1Conversa com a Activision Sobre o TDM Empty Conversa com a Activision Sobre o TDM em Seg Abr 16, 2012 2:43 pm


TUGA ELiT Leader
TUGA ELiT Leader
Seth Z: Hello, how can I help you?

Seth Z: Thank you for contacting Activision Customer Support. Can you provide me with your gamer tag/PSN id,Steam ID, and if your playing on Xbox/PS3/Wii or PC. Contact E-mail, contact phone number in case we get disconnected and if your a premium subscriber to ELITE, this information will be used to better assist you.


You: I only have a few questions. 1 - Why the Elite Ops Cla not have Leaderbords of all clans? 2 - Why in the event of TDM Gold Bagde not received, and not XP? 3 - Why Ops Clan List is not working using the pc? So we can write on the cla ops playstation 3 using the application

Seth Z: The leader boards were removed to make prizing faster.

Seth Z: If you didn't get a gold badge you clan probably wasn't eligible for the badge

Seth Z: What exactly isn't working with clan op on the website?

You: But the clans want to see who won and by how many kills etc.

You: I do not know if you have seen the forum but nobody won MW3 bagde XP or any of the event yesterday TDM

Seth Z: I understand this is to provent cheating. I can forward you comments/feedback regarding this issue.

You: All clans entered yesterday in TDM, nobody won anything What happened to the last event of the TDM?

Seth Z: There was an event canceled yesterday due to technical issues.

You: But it was canceled halfway through the game? Because I checked with gold and tavamos bagde ... Will reward the clans? The hours agreed for nothing?

Seth Z: At this time we do not know what the developers plan on doing.

You: Ok, but the clans should be rewarded, because we agreed hours for nothing .. Another thing why not if you can access the cla ops using the computer?

Seth Z: Is the page blank, what is the issue exactly

You: The cla ops simply not open using the computer, I click to enlist cla .. Open the page with an arrow saying ... Back to program guide

Seth Z: Ok so when you clikc Enlist, nothing happens?

You: Events and Lone wolf are fine

You: No, nothing

You: Only I can enlist using the application of the ps3

Seth Z: have you tried Unlinking re-linking the gamer tag? clearing cookie/cache, or using a different web browser?

You: Yes, Modzila, Internet, Crome etc

You: Delete Cache and cookies and nothing work

You: My friends of clan as the same problem

You: Is not problem of my pc

Seth Z: Only clan leader can enlist in clan operations if it's still not working unlink the gamer tag from the account.

You: I am the leader

You: Its on maintence now

Seth Z: I suggest please try unlinking the account then re linking.

You: Ok tank you

Seth Z: was there anything else?

You: but on unlink my clan not delete? i am the leader

Seth Z: No it will not delete

You: ok tank you.We all would appreciate it if you reward the clans

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